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Workshop Bulletin

Workshop Bulletin


Summer Delight (July to August) Workshop Special

Indulge yourself with lots of creative food fun!

  • ‘Hello Kitty’ Steamed Bun Making
  • ‘Sweet Moment’ Creative Bento Art
  • ‘Shirokuma & Friends’ Creative Bento Art
  • ‘Happy Molang & Piu Piu’ Fondant Cookie Decorating


Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations (August to September) Workshop Special

Add sweetness and joy to this special occasion with lots of kawaii food fun:

  • Cartoonized Snowskin Mooncake Making
  • ‘3D Kawaii Animals’ Snowskin Mooncake Making
  • ‘3D Cute Molang & Piu Piu’ Snowskin Mooncake Making
  • ‘3D Tsum Tsum Pooh Bear & Piglet’ Snowskin Mooncake Making



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